Things to consider before starting a business in a UAE free zone

Things to consider before starting a business in a UAE free zone

UAE is considered as one of the business hubs in the world. Its free zones make it special in terms of business. there are several free zone areas in the UAE but most of the free zone areas are found in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These free zones are considered as paradise for foreign investors. But still there are some important things that you need to consider before starting business in UAE free zone or even before a mainland company formation in Dubai.

Know about different types of free zones:

There are different types of free zones in UAE so before starting your company in UAE free zone it is important to know about different free zones. There are mainly two types of free zone entities: free zone company and free zone establishment. If you want to go for free zone company then there will be only single shareholder required in the form of company or a person. If you want to go for free zone establishment then two or more shareholders will be required. The rules of free zones differ according to free zones so before starting company in any of the free zone you must know about their rules.

Know your business type:

These free zones offer different types of business opportunities so before starting planning for your business you must know about your type of business. Further planning of your business depends on your business type that you want for your business setup in Dubai free zone.

Keep some extra cash:

The free zones offer immense opportunity due to low cost and higher business opportunities but it will be better for you to keep some extra cash. You must be aware of this fact that you can face a few hidden charges with your business in the UAE free zone.

Avoid legal problems:

You must know that all the states of UAE have different laws regarding business in their specific free zone. So, it is important to take comprehensive legal advice from a legal expert before starting business in any of the UAE free zone. For complete legal process, you should hire a good legal expert so that you may avoid from legal problems.

Free zones for specific businesses:

This is important point to consider that some of UAE free zones are business specific and they support for that kind of business. So, you will have to find the same free zone according to your business niche.