Facts About Food

Food is a kind of thing that is needed to survive and without it we cannot survive at all. There can be millions and billion types of food around the world and that is the beauty of food. And we got some amazing facts about food from companies of food for weight loss in Dubai and healthy meal delivery in Abu Dhabi, if you want to get shocked, then keep reading more;

We all love cakes and who does not love cakes, we have some questions for you! But we think that percentage of some people might be very less because everyone loves cakes. If you are a huge fan of cake, then you must know about the pound cake. why do you think that it is called the pound cake? this is not because it weighs one pound, this is because it has 1 pound of butter, 1 pound of eggs and one pound of sugar and that is why it is so soft ad there is very less quantity of floor in it but still it is very much soft.

We all love pizza and who does not love pizza, then please tell us why and may be we will make you like it. You must have tried almost all kinds of pizzas but have you ever wondered and how much expensive is a pizza and what is on it? But we are sure that you have not tried the 12,000 dollars pizza! Yes, you can read that again, a 12,000 dollars pizza. You must be wondering that what is on it! Well, it takes 72 hours to make and it require 3Italian chefs to make it. This pizza is topped with buffalo mozzarella, caviar, lobster from Norway, pink Australian sea salt and Cilento and the funny part is that only wo or three people can eat that so, grab at least 1 or 2 rick friends of yours and pool in some money but do try this one.

Have you ever wondered that why it is recommended that you wash the fruits and veggies before buying them? This is because if you don’t wash them, the car wax on them not come off. Yes, you can read that again because to make them shiny and fresh, car wax is used.