Interesting facts about batteries

We all need to keep energy storage systems in our house and workplace in the form of batteries. We call lead acid battery supplier to deliver the batteries. These batteries have interesting facts. Scroll down and read what are they:

  1. Oxford University has a strange battery, Powered bell that has been ringing continuously for 175 years. None of the teacher and students knows how the makers manufacture it or what are reasons for its ringing continuously.
  2. It is seen that smoke detectors gets wear and tears at night usually. The reason is that cold air slows the chemical reactions in batteries.
  3. Manufacturers use lithium-ion batteries in disposable electronic cigarettes. The batteries are rechargeable.
  4. Tesla Gigafactory would produce more lithium-ion batteries than whole world has produced it in 2013 if it will operate at cent percent capacity.
  5. After the batteries are decayed, LES1 started to transmit signals again. The authorities abandoned the satellite in 1967. However, decayed batteries have shortened its panels to electronics.
  6. By using artificial diamonds and nuclear waster, makers and companies can produce batteries that would be used for life time.
  7. Our smartphone have lithium-ion batteries; therefore, it is ideal to keep it charged 40 to 80 percent and try not to decrease its battery to zero and then charge it to cent percent.
  8. There would be zero lithium after 30 years if people would begin to use lithium-ion batteries in everything.
  9. During WWII, infrared scope was used by soldiers and fighters. It was 13-kilogram battery that they used to carry on their back. However, they could use it for 15 minutes only at a time. They used to call it Vampir.
  10. Alaska’s Fairbanks has the largest battery of the world. It has enough capacity to power Fairbacks completely during outages.
  11. Today’s smartphone batteries are winner of all when it comes to their capacities. Sources say that smartphone batteries have 3 to 4 times battery capacity of the Nokia’s 3310.
  12. The purpose of producing 9-volt battery was to give power to transistor radios. Those radios required lower voltage than original radios.
  13. Before accomplishing Fukushima, employees used car batteries to power the plant in the morning.
  14. The first battery was created 2000 years ago. It could give 2 volts maximum but no ones knows why it was manufactured.
  15. Your laptop would lose battery faster if you keep it on charging for all the time than keeping it on charging for a few hours till its charged fully.