The downsides of vaping

Vaping e-cigarettes and pods are considered safer than cigarettes and smoking. However, there are some cons and minus points of it. Besides facing negative comments from people in public, there are many other facts and cons of it. Few of them are:

  1. Dry Mouth:
    E-cigarettes and pods have nicotine. Nicotine purge fluids inside the mouth; therefore, you would feel dryness when you consume e-juices. That’s why keep a water bottle with you to sort out the problem because it is very bothersome to have dry mouth.
  2. Dizziness:
    Excessive consumption of e-juice and nicotine can cause dizziness. You might experience vertigo and feel light-headed. It is better to take breaths when you feel dizzy and vape after some time when you feel better.
  3. Allergies:
    There are different flavours in e-juices. Many of them are based on the flavours of foods and fruits. Such flavours have that product of food in the aerosol of e-juice. Therefore, it is better to avoid flavours of foods which cause allergy to you. If you are allergic to walnuts then don’t use walnut flavours because there will be some walnut products in the aerosol. Buy other flavours of vape KSA, Riyadh and vape juices and from the residing country and have fun.
  4. Neurotoxins:
    Although research says that vaping is safer than smoking, e-cigarettes have neurotoxins in the same quantity as they are in cigarettes. E-cigarettes and cigars have formaldehyde, nitrosamines, lead and several carcinogens.  Thus, choosing vaping over smoking means to trade another set of problems for other sets of problems and issues.
  5. Air Quality:
    E-juices reduce the air quality inside the room or home because pods and e-cigarettes increase nicotine concentration in air and particulate materials. The high concentration of nicotine can harm the lungs and heart. It can cause several disorders and diseases in the mentioned organs and systems.
  6. Battery issues:
    There are batteries in pods and e-cigarettes. You have to recharge them to use the device again. However, a person has to be careful when charging them because the batteries will be burst if you would charge it more than the device needs. Besides, you have to be careful when using the device because you can injure yourself if batteries get overheated.
  7. Cost:
    Although there are markets that sell pods for less than $15, you have to buy e-juices separately. It means that you need around $30 to get a pod. Therefore, it is pricier than smoking to vape Saudi Arabia online and all other parts of the world.