Online Counseling – A Few Facts

COVID-19 has affected many people, not only physically but also mentally and financially. As Dubai is known for its many businesses, due to this disease, many people have lost their jobs, which is making them sit in their homes with no money to survive.

This thought has made many people fell into depression. Socially active people also are confined to their homes with nothing to do, making their mental health weak. Having no job has left many people financially weak and the thought of that has made them mentally weak.

Under a normal environment, people used to seek help for these kinds of mental conditions. People use to talk their feelings out to their counselors, but under current conditions, this choice is also not reachable. But After some months of living in this condition, people have found a way of solving this problem.

Online counselling Dubai is the best decision so far as to tackle this situation along with the mental health of people. people are doing their therapy sessions online with their counselors and counselors are trying their best to keep the environment suitable and perfect for their patients.

As through video or audio calls, it is often difficult to share your thoughts, but now counselors make sure that they provide the client best environment possible. This is the only thing that helped many people keeping their mental health stable and helped them through their depression and anxiety.

Another thing that is affected by this pandemic is family relations. As everyone is in their homes all the time, it is impossible that there is peace in the house. Every family has its ups and downs, and living in the same house each day, talking, and facing each other 24/7 can create some problems.

There is a minimum of one person that does an actual office job, and the other stays at home. When they both have to see each other 24/7, some misunderstandings can occur. So, to solve these misunderstanding people, consult online couples counselling Dubai. It can help them solve their problems and to create a healthy living during this pandemic.