What are the different types of visas for Canada?

People can only go to Canada legally with a permit. People with a legal permit are considered as the citizens of Canada. So they are provided with all the basic rights which are given to a Canadian nationalist. In order to apply for Canadian immigration you have to know about all the different types of visas to know which type of visa will be suitable for you. If you are teacher, Engineer, doctor or a labor etc., then you have to apply for the visa of your relative field. You should have to understand all the types of visa such as about short term resident visa, resident visa, long term visa etc. UAE residents can obtain all the basic information about the types of visa and immigration laws from immigration consultants in Dubai.

Types of Visa for Canadian Immigration

Temporary resident visa:

This type of visa is given to those people who have to attend some party, some event, or want to meet his or her close friends of family member. If you have applied for multiple entry rather than single entry resident visa then you have an opportunity to visit all the beautiful places of the country. People can live for six months on this visa in Canada. If you want to apply for temporary resident visa from Middle East so you can apply from Canada immigration from Dubai.

Tourist Visa:

This visa has almost similar requirements as that of temporary resident visa. This visa is an urgent visa which is provided to the person who has to come for a trip, for an official holiday, for visit of the historical places of Canada, for honeymoon etc

Business trip Visa:

This type of visa is usually for those people who have to done some business deeds in Canada on the behalf of their company or corporation. This type of visa is purely given on business basis.

Work Visa:

Foreigners can work in Canada on legal basis in any company or in any other place of country with the help of this visa. A person can only come and work in Canada when he shows the legal agreement with the employer in Canada.

Student Visa:

This visa is basically given to the persons who want to study in Canada. Because of the best education system of Canada mostly people apply on this visa.

Transit visa:

 If you have to change flight from Canada and you want a short stay in Canada then you have to apply for this visa. It is a short term visa which is valid up to 48 hours.